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Broken Pipe Repair

When a pipe breaks in your home, it can be pretty frightening. Not only do you have the inconvenience of dealing with repairs, but also the worry that your pipes will burst and flood your house. If you're concerned about broken pipes in your home or business, call Americana Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers can help fix your damaged pipes quickly and effectively. We offer quality residential and commercial services for customers in the local LA County area and are always available to help our clients improve the safety and well-being of their plumbing systems.

Common Signs You Have a Damaged Pipe
Since your pipes are often out of sight, it can be challenging to pinpoint a problem. However, here are the most common signs that property owners should look out for:
  • Water is leaking from the pipe. If there is a leak in your home, you may find water dripping from the ceiling or hear gurgling sounds coming from your pipes. This can indicate that there is damage.
  • Water pooling in a specific area. If you notice that there are puddles of water forming on your floor or around your sink, tub, or toilet, consider calling a plumber to assess the situation right away.
  • Low or high water pressure. If you experience any changes in your home’s water pressure level, this could indicate that something has gone wrong with the pipes and needs immediate attention from professionals.
What Causes Pipes to Break?
Broken pipes are a common plumbing problem. Many times, the break can be traced back to one of the following causes:
  • Excessive pressure on the pipes.
  • Poorly installed pipes.
  • Root infiltration.
  • Corroded, old, and damaged pipes.
  • Shifting soil or foundation issues.
Why It’s Important to Get Help As Soon As Possible
If you have a broken pipe in your home, it’s important to get help as soon as you can. Leaks can cause a lot of serious damage to your property. In addition to causing extensive water damage, leaks can also harm electrical systems, foundations, and wooden framing throughout the house if they’re left unchecked for long periods of time. Not only are these kinds of issues dangerous, but they can cause property owners to spend a fortune on restoration costs.
Benefits of Hiring a Plumber for Your Broken Pipe Repair
Plumbing repairs can be dangerous. Even if you have experience working on pipes, there are still risks involved in trying to do the job yourself. You could accidentally cause water damage or suffer from an injury. A well-trained and experienced plumber will have the skills required to complete your project in a safe and timely manner. This will help you save money on repairs while ensuring that your plumbing system meets all necessary codes and regulations.
Do You Need a Broken Pipe Repair? Give Us a Call To Get Quality Care Today
If your plumbing system is exhibiting signs of pipe damage, it’s vital that you get professional help. The specialists at Americana Plumbing are ready to help you tackle all of your pipe damage. From minor leaks to collapsed sewer lines, we have the skills and specialized equipment to get your plumbing system to work again. Contact our office for more information about our pipe repair services.

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