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Water Heater
Toilet Repair &
Broken Pipe
Earthquake Shutoff
Valve Installation
Plumbing Repair &
Leak Detection

Leaks are the most common, damaging and aggravating plumbing problems at home or in the workplace. Even a small kitchen sink leak or a small pinhole slab leak can wreak havoc in your building - not to mention your monthly bills increase. If you notice…

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Water Heater Repair

From the kitchen to the bathroom, your water heater is an essential part of your home. After all, it is responsible for providing hot water for everything from laundry and dishes to showers and baths. If you are tired of dealing with water heater problems,…

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Toilet Repair & Replacement

Toilets are a necessity in all homes, and even the best-maintained toilet can sometimes become a source of worry. Whether your toilet is leaking or simply not flushing properly, it's important to hire a professional plumber. The specialists at Americana…

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Broken Pipe Repair

When a pipe breaks in your home, it can be pretty frightening. Not only do you have the inconvenience of dealing with repairs, but also the worry that your pipes will burst and flood your house. If you're concerned about broken pipes in your home…

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Earthquake Shutoff Valve Installation

The earth can be a beautiful, serene place. But when an earthquake strikes, it can be terrifying. You don't want to be caught in an earthquake without a way to stop water from flowing through your home's pipes. That's where an earthquake…

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Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing services are essential to the proper functioning of a business. Whether your company is large or small, commercial plumbing can help keep your pipes and fixtures in good working order. By hiring Americana Plumbing, you can rest assured…

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Sewer Repair

When you discover a sewer line problem in your home, it can be unnerving. The last thing you want is to have your home flooded with sewage. Thankfully trenchless pipe repair services offer a practical and affordable way to fix damaged pipes. If you've…

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Plumbing Repair & Installation

Plumbing repair is something that everyone needs at one point or another. Whether it's a clogged drain or a leaky pipe, finding the right plumber to help you can be difficult but not impossible. If you are still having trouble finding a professional…

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Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is critical for maintaining a healthy home. The pipes and drains in your house or commercial property constantly flow with water and waste, so the results can be disastrous when they get clogged or become damaged. If you suspect your drain…

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What Impacts Cost?
Location of the clog. The farther down your plumbing the clog is, the more it will cost to clean it. Clogs in your main sewer line will cost more to clear than secondary ones connected to fixtures because the plumber will need to use more powerful equipment.
Equipment needed. If your plumber needs to clear a stubborn clog with a hydro jetting machine-a hose that uses a high-pressure stream of water-that will cost more than a clog that can be cleared using only a cable machine (also called a snake or auger).
A video drain inspection. If your plumber suggests a drain camera inspection, that will add to your service cost. However, the camera inspection will likely save you money overall because it will tell the plumber exactly where the clog is located and what tools are needed to clear it, cutting down on time and effort.
The plumber you hire. You'll pay more for experienced, high-quality plumbers. They'll have the proper tools and know-how to expertly clean your clog and get your drain flowing freely again.

Contact us online or call us at 123 456 789 to schedule an appointment. We'll call you to confirm your time and send you a confirmation email with a picture of your plumber, so you know who's coming to your door.

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We'll come to your home and figure out where the clog is, so we know how best to clear it. No matter where the clog is located, we'll give you the most economical option to clear it, along with straightforward pricing.

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After your drain is cleared, we'll send you a follow-up survey asking how we did. Not satisfied with our service? Let us know and we'll fix it.

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