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Leak Detection

Leaks are the most common, damaging and aggravating plumbing problems at home or in the workplace. Even a small kitchen sink leak or a small pinhole slab leak can wreak havoc in your building - not to mention your monthly bills increase. If you notice a slight increase in utility costs or telltale signs of water damage, it might be time to call a professional Los Angeles leak detection service. Plumbing leaks usually start small and grow with time, which makes finding them challenging. Homeowners can detect a dripping toilet leak or a gushing basement leak, but leaky lines are not easily noticed. Plumbing lines run throughout your home, and only a few are visible. This is one of the critical reasons to hire a reputable water leak repair professional to handle the work. At Americana Plumbing, we leverage the following techniques to pinpoint the location and provide quick leak repair in Los Angeles.

Acoustic Listening Devices

Listening discs and specialized microphones are the basic tools for enhancing leak detection in Los Angeles. As mentioned, leaks can happen anywhere in your home, and you can’t rely on your senses to detect every minor problem within the system. Hence, sound technology allows us to hear dripping or escaping water accurately, despite the layer of concrete. While a small slab leak is not a significant cause for concern, delaying water leak repair causes irreversible damages and expensive repairs. We recommend scheduling routine inspections with a plumber to detect, diagnose, and address these issues early.

Heat Scanners

Plumbing systems often run five to six feet below the ground. If you live in a noisy area and spring a basement leak or deep in the ground, acoustic listening devices may not be viable. Our Los Angeles leak detection technicians may use heat scanners. These devices pick up temperature changes because escaping water causes temperature fluctuations. Heat scanners have scanners that detect the shifts so that we can determine the severity and long-term solution.

Video Pipe Inspection Equipment
Plumbers use miniaturized cameras mounted on fiber optic cables for the most precise leak detection. The cameras can be controlled manually or automatically to maneuver the system and relay footage of the pipes. In addition, video inspection equipment doesn’t just locate leaks but also provides vital information, which makes leak repair in Los Angeles easier. Even if you notice and fix a dripping kitchen sink leak or a slow-forming toilet leak, specialized cameras look beyond the naked eye.
Another invaluable tool in our leak detection arsenal is extensive training. Many leak-related problems can be prevented if noticed and addressed quickly. However, inexperienced individuals don’t see telltale signs of damage, resulting in severe water damage and costly remediation services. When you hire us to inspect your plumbing regularly, it gives you peace of mind, knowing we rectify every minor issue before becoming more pronounced. Contact us at Americana Plumbing to schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide various services at competitive market rates, including leak detection in Los Angeles.

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