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A sewage backup is one of the worst and most disgusting things a homeowner can experience. Although it is not as dangerous as a fire or flooding in the house, it does pose many health hazards and property damage. If you have a sewage backup, you must know how to clean up after to eliminate these problems. That’s why throughout this article, we will go over the causes of sewage backup, some cleaning procedures, and how Americana Plumbing can help. Let’s start.
Causes of Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is mainly caused due to a clog. The backup usually comes from the drains, toilet, or sink. This normally happens when the flow of the wastewater is prevented by something.

Steps to Follow After a Sewage Backup

The first thing you should do to prevent a sewage backup is remove any seniors, pets, or children out of the house. Afterward, you have to put on rubber gloves and boots. Do not play around with chemical substances that you think may help in the process without getting professional guidance. Lastly, remove items that are still dry and not contaminated near the backup.

Cleaning Procedures
To prevent any health hazards and structural damage in your house, you must clean the environment properly, and there are some ways to do that.
  • If there is still waste, water, or any material on the floor from the sewage backup, wear your gloves and get them out of your house quickly.
  • Afterward, you must thoroughly wash the floors, walls, and anywhere the water has touched in detail. To do this, get warm water with low suds detergent and start rinsing them.
  • After you rinse everywhere, do the same thing a couple of times.
  • Open all windows or fans to allow air circulation in the environment.

If you can clean the floors and walls in detail by yourself, do so in a detailed way. While making sure to clean the environment, there are some things to make sure to do:
  • Have the utility companies shut off the electricity and gas.
  • If there is any electrical appliance under water, don’t touch it until you talk to a professional who says it is okay.
  • Don’t touch any cords until you are sure that the electricity is off.
Americana Plumbing, The Highest Quality Service
The mess after a sewage backup is horrible, and we hope no one will face it in their house. Thankfully, you can now take precautions to prevent these from happening. That is where we come in. At Americana Plumbing, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Being the new-school plumbers with old-school service, we are always here for you. With our modern equipment, experienced staff, and dedication, plumbing service has never been more accessible. Call us today to learn more about us and our services or get more information on how you can clean up the mess after a sewage backup.