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Is your recent water bill higher than usual? Do you hear weird noises coming from your pipes? Are there cracks in your drywall? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be time you hire a leak detection company. An average American household wastes almost a thousand gallons of water annually because of leaks, hence the need to ensure your plumbing is in top-notch condition. Americana Plumbing can help you detect, diagnose, and repair a leak before it becomes more pronounced. The first step to mitigating water damage is to familiarize yourself with the signs of a leaking system. When you schedule water leak repair with our team of experts, we provide our customers with pertinent information to maintain a healthy plumbing system. Here are some ways you can find hidden leaks in your home.
Pay Attention to Your Water Bill
Homeowners know what to expect at the end of every month, especially if there’s no change in usage. However, when the water bill is shockingly high, you are because of a leak detection exercise. Some leaks can only be detected using specialized equipment, allowing us to detect hidden leaks that can’t be seen with the naked eye. While minor fluctuations are not a cause for concern, if the problem is not addressed early, it can lead to the wastage of water and money. You can avoid high utility bills by scheduling routine maintenance inspections with a trusted plumbing service.
Check Your Water Meter
Another effective way of checking if you have a water leak is by monitoring your water meter. Turn off all the taps and plumbing appliances, and check the meter to see if the reading on the odometer changes. If the meter is still recording, you need a professional leak detection service on your premises. Not all leaks are visible, and an underground leak can continue for weeks or months before it is detected.
Try the Toilet Dye Test
Toilets are constantly in use, which makes them susceptible to wear and tear. You may leak into your system if you hear water running and the toilet hasn’t been recently used. A toilet accounts for nearly 30% of the total consumption in a household, and instant action should be taken to prevent wasting water and money. Drop some food coloring in the toilet tank and wait for ten minutes. You’ll find the color in the bowl if there’s a leak. If this is the case, you can rely on us for exceptional water leak repair.
Check Your Outdoor Faucets
Don’t forget about the outdoor spigots. Attach a hose and turn on the water to check if there are leaks. If the water seeps through, replace the rubber hose gasket and try again. It is advisable to have a professional conduct routine leak detection to ensure your indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures are in tip-top condition. These are some common signs you leak into your home. Contact us at Americana Plumbing, and schedule an appointment with our water leak repair experts. We guarantee exceptional leak detection and maintenance services at competitive market rates.