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How to Fix a Shower Diverter


A modern bathroom must have a shower that operates without a hitch. However, when your shower diverter has problems, it may rapidly make getting ready in the morning a difficult process. The good news is that fixing a shower diverter doesn’t necessarily need calling a plumber or plumbing firm.
  In this blog post, our professional plumbers from Americana Plumbing will walk you through the steps to resolve this common bathroom plumbing issue on your own.
Understanding the Shower Diverter

Let’s first define the shower diverter and examine its significance before moving on to the techniques for fixing it. A valve that controls the water flow between your bathtub faucet and the showerhead is called a shower diverter. It is a crucial part of your bathroom plumbing since it enables you to switch between these two water sources.

Common Diverter Problems
Shower diverters can develop a number of problems over time that need to be fixed. The following are some of the most typical issues:
  • Diverter Stuck: It may be difficult to switch between the faucet and the showerhead if the diverter becomes stuck.
  • Diverter Leak: A diverter leak can waste water and raise water costs.
  • Insufficient Water Flow: A broken diverter may result in less water flowing into the showerhead.
How to Fix a Shower Diverter
Let’s now get to the point at hand: repairing your shower diverter. The actions you can take to deal with these typical issues are listed below: Assemble your tools. Prior to starting, acquire the required equipment and supplies:
  • A flexible wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Substitute diverter (if required)
  • Tape that seals pipe threads
Turn Off the Water Supply
Security first! Make sure the shower’s water source is shut off. The water shut-off valve is typically located in your bathroom or basement. Never hesitate to call a reliable plumber for advice if you’re unsure.
Remove the Diverter Handle

Gently peel the cover of the diverter handle off using a screwdriver. The screw holding the handle to the diverter stem will now be visible. Its handle can be removed by carefully unscrewing it.

Access the Diverter Valve

The diverter valve stem is visible once the handle has been taken off. Most of the magic takes place here. To unfasten the valve nut and take the stem away from the wall, use an adjustable wrench. Be careful not to scratch the wall or any nearby tiles.

Inspect and Clean

Check the diverter stem for any obvious wear or damage. It must be replaced if there are any cracks, corrosion, or mineral buildup. To ensure a smooth operation, properly clean the stem and the valve housing.

Replace or Repair

You must get a new diverter stem if your current one is damaged. You may order replacement components online or at your neighborhood hardware store. Apply a tiny layer of pipe thread sealant tape to the threads before attaching the new stem to ensure a watertight seal. Reassemble the diverter and handle in the opposite direction from how you disassembled them.

Test Your Repair

Reinstall the diverter and handle, then reactivate the water supply to check your repairs. To check that everything is working properly, alternate between using the faucet and the showerhead. Watch out for any leaks or strange noises that can point to a problem.

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